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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

  Almost absolutely everyone have treated mornings in which we wake up half of an hour past due, need to rush to the toilet, and feel pissed off knowing that our make-up is twenty or greater on, inflicting you to be overdue for work, college, or college. In a hard state of affairs like this, you regularly surprise why you need to fear about putting on makeup every day. The easy answer: everlasting cosmetics!  smarttechnofy Permanent cosmetics can take away the general trouble of regular makeup. But also, remember the fact that that is a precarious beauty method and you need to be absolutely certain before doing it. What is everlasting makeup? Permanent makeup replicates the look of freshly implemented eyeliner, brow pencil, lip liner, and lipstick. This process is done thru a system commonly known as micropigmentation. Here, a tattoo pen is commonly used to inject everlasting ink into the skin layers. The duration of every process may be among 1/2 an hour and two hours. A everlas

New essence trend edition “try it. love it! "


Starting in February 2021, essence will release the new spring / summer time collection: “Try it. I like it ”is the name of the new series, which gives products for eyes, lips, pores and skin and nails.

Below you may see the beauty stars of the new season: all products of superb high-quality and on the first-class fee!

Essence eye and face palette

Shine and shine. Four shade-coordinated eyeshadows, a blush, and a highlighter make the two palettes a must-have for eyes and skin tone.

Available in 01 glow for it and 02 upward push & shine.

Eyes and face palette (Image: essence)

essence eye pencil

To take shape. The darkish color is ideal for the lash line and eyelid contour. The light shade is ideal for highlighting the inner corner of the attention and the waterline.

Available in 01 black to white, 02 peach for chocolate and 03 grape to crimson.

Stylist extent essence curly mascara and set 18h

In style! Creamy black texture with micro styling waxes supply lashes long-lasting extent with top notch curve. A unique eye-catcher: the special knitted layout of the cap.

Curl & Hold Mask

mascara eyelash extension 18h essence volume stylist

Extended version. The diamond-formed brush achieves extremely lengthy and voluminous lashes thanks to the lengthening fibers. The braided design of the cap additionally attracts attention.

Essence sheer & shine lipstick prisma glow

Shiny! The very gentle components of the lipstick is pleasantly mild at the lips and offers subtle coloration with a super shine impact. The particularity: the three sunglasses shine in another way depending at the occurrence of light.

Available in 17 Dark Deception, 18 Brown Shadow and 19 Pink Heaven.

Obvious and vivid prism glow lipstick

essence shimmer gloss lip gloss

The brightest! The creamy texture offers the lips severe shine with a dewy-searching effect. Available in 03 friends of glamor, 08 indie romance and 12 tracks, your manner.

Shine Shine Shine lip gloss (Image: essence)




Camouflage essence full coverage concealer

Hidden hero! Long-lasting and fantastically pigmented, the liquid and creamy texture successfully covers dark circles and irregularities. For a herbal and alert appearance. Available in 05 ivory and 10 nude.

Instantaneous matte makeup essence

Skin expert. The medium to excessive coverage creamy texture and powdered mineral pigments deliver complexion an extended-lasting matte end (as much as 24 hours) and leave skin feeling radiant.

Available in 10 matt ivory, 20 matt sand and 30 matt vanilla.

Instant matte makeup

essence blush play modeling palette

Color scheme! Applied in my opinion, the matching blush sun shades can be used wonderfully for contouring, however additionally when combined together they ensure freshness.

Available in 10 play it peach and 20 play it purple.

Essence blush play modeling palette € three.Ninety nine *

Essence Luminous Matte Bronzer

Summer glow. With its matte tan texture with a silky, shimmering tan middle, the powder creates a fresh, subtly tanned appearance. Available in 01 sol.

2-in-1 Essence Highlighter and Contour Stick

Cream crew. Contouring and highlighting is in particular smooth with the reachable stick duo with its creamy and powdery texture, even at the cross.

Available in 10 blondes and 20 brownies.

Spotlight and description bar

essence instant matte makeup putting spray

The light and obvious spray, enriched with a natural complicated of lively components, mattifies make-up. Fixes and ensures an extended hold.

Makeup solving spray

colour essence raise excessive pigment nail paint

Color flash. New enormously pigmented nail polishes in cheerful candy shades supply nails a summery appearance. The sleek method allows an opaque finish in a single software.

Available in 01 instant friendship, 02 immediately pleasure, 06 immediate happiness, 08 immediately birthday celebration, and 11 instantaneous suit.

High Pigmentation Nail Paint

essence "strive it". I'm lovin 'it! »Will be to be had in shops in February 2021**. The merchandise are then transferred to the same old gas range.

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